dslr matte box follow focus rig


I've been in the film and video production business for over 20 years. I've shot work for national level clients in nearly a dozen countries. In that time I've worked with just about every type of camera imaginable for film and video. I own several cameras right now, and of course always looking at what's next.

On the editing side of things I've edited several TV show series. I've worked as a consultant to national networks installing and training people on FCP in NYC. I've taught Adobe products at Stanford and University of Toledo. At trade shows I've done more demos than I care to remember for a few more household names. Alright, you want to know < name drop warning ON > Adobe, Apple, discreet, BorisFX amongst others </ Warning OFF>. I've also written a book or two, and thousands of online posts.

Along the way I've run my own production company using all these tools, from cameras to NLE's, providing final delivery in just about every format imaginable. As things have changed over the last several years, so has my business in many ways. I've completely shifted over to online delivery for almost everything now. To that end I am certainly not just a production company or facility anymore either.

Well that's my short story, and I'm sticking to it ! See you out there on the next big shoot.


Steve Oakley

Practical Illusions

Perspektive Media Group